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Academy Electrical Contractors in Bergen, Passaic and Essex County is New Jersey’s facility emergency power and suburban  generator experts. “With all of the projects that we’ve ever been involved in, we try to give the customer the best value for their dollar looking at the customer’s perception of “I only need this” versus what is the best economic solution based on the electrical layout of the building. It is actually beneficial and financially advantageous to pick up the entire facility rather than just to pick up a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We’ve had multiple projects where we have had to come back and have removed smaller generators to put in a larger generator because of a power failure. Although they had some back up it was not satisfactory for the establishment to keep them up and running”. – Dan O’Brien

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Dan O'Brien

“Without Quality, Price is Irrelevant”

A Full Service Commercial Electrical Construction Contractor

Business depends on sound electrical construction, machinery and equipment for increased productivity and improved cash flow. It is essential to keep your machinery inspected and well-maintained. Routine electrical equipment maintenance will detect electrical problems before they affect your business. Take a look at one of our emergency power case studies to see how we operate. By contacting Academy Electrical Contractors NJ,  you can ensure that the commercial or industrial equipment and machinery on which your business runs can continue working efficiently, reducing the risk of a major breakdown that will cost you valuable time and money. Watch our Emergency Power Generator Buyer’s Guide VideoGenerators 101.

Facility Safety

Academy Electric can reduce the chances of the creation of a hazardous work environment. Electrical equipment failure can lead to serious hazards including fires and arc flash which can injure you and your workers or even your customers. Impaired equipment or undetected problems can have negative results for electricians working with or near the equipment.

NJ Generator Experts

If you need to schedule an operations shut down or come into an emergency situation Academy Electrical Contractors can provide you with temporary electrical power on demand. With an on site inventory of generators and the ability to provide you with power, from 1,400-watt portable gasoline models all the way up to 2,500,000 watts of diesel generated power.

Time and Money

Small electrical problems can become more severe issues if left undetected for too long leading to emergency power repairs, operation shut downs and expensive repairs. New LED lighting with motion detection and preventative maintenance with thermal imaging  technologies are just a couple of examples time and money savings.