Entertainment Facility Power Case Study

Velocity 17 is an indoor electric go cart entertainment facility that was located in Maywood, New Jersey. They had a catastrophic failure of the electrical service. The cables coming from the MAT transformers into the building had melted, so without power they can’t recharge the go carts. They have no power, they are not in business. This was a catastrophic failure and nobody knew it was coming. We came down to investigate what was going on, opened up part of the service that had burnt up. We explained to the customer that we could bring in some temporary power generators and re-feed their two electrical services.  It  took two generators because there were two different characteristics of the service. So the generators were running the facility, while we made the repairs outside on the service.

As far as the customers and the employees  of Velocity 17 knew, everything was status quo while we did our repairs. Our repairs consisted of having a new custom made bus bar to tie the transformers back together (you can see how corroded the old bus bar was) and Installing all new cabling from the bus bar into the bus duct that was leaving the building to re-feed the services. In order to prolong the life of that service we taped and coated the bus bar with an anti rust, anti corrosion, insulating spray on material that would ensure long life once the system was done. Except for the day Velocity 17 had the fire, this facility stayed up and running with the expertise of Electrical Power Systems and its generators and Academy Electrical Contractors with its electrical experience knowing how to go get custom made bus bar and bolt it up in place. For more information call: Call Dan O’Brien Toll Free 1 (888) NO JUICE (665-8423)