Pharmaceutical Retail Emergency Power

The Haworth Pharmacy had come to us because years back when they were building they had installed a small backup diesel generator. There was not enough natural gas at that particular site to feed a natural gas fueled engine. Originally  consideration was only given to some sump pumps down in the basement, a refrigerator and  freezer storing pharmaceutical product  that was tremendously expensive. He wanted to keep those services running.  He also wanted to keep his small data center going, the phones, and a couple of selected lights throughout the facility.

After experiencing numerous prolonged power failures, he had come to realize that the minimal generator that he had there was not keeping him in business. So although he had a generator and yes the pharmaceutical product was stored in the refrigerator and freezer, he really couldn’t stay in business to make sales and fill prescriptions because he did not pick up that part of the building with the smaller generator. So they then decided that they wanted to upgrade the generator and make sales during a power failure and be able to provide medicine to their customers during an emergency situation. For more information call: Call Dan O’Brien Toll Free 1 (888) NO JUICE (665-8423)