Residential Complex Power Case Study

Whitehall condominiums had two small natural gas generators that we were maintaining for them and post Sandy one of those generators had had enough, and it quit. So they knew that they had to do something to upgrade their backup power system.

Having drawn up a set of plans which they had put out for pricing, they contacted us. We had quoted them the replacement of the generator. They had two small 30 KW generators, both of which were older Onan generators and we proposed replacing them with one new Cummins 100KW natural gas Gen Set to pick up the existing loads and the additional equipment  they wanted covered in the building. At that time, they had no domestic hot water system on the generator and the lighting in the hallways was minimal at best,  and the boiler roomer was not picked up either. They came to us, with a set of plans, we modified the design to make it a better system than what they had and wound up installing the new 100 KW natural gas Cummins generator.

In the electrical room we had to install a new 400 amp main breaker, a transfer switch, an emergency distribution panel at 120-240 and a transformer to make that into 208 and also a 120-208 volt panel. It was a little congested in the electrical room but we were able to find a way to get all of this equipment in and meet all of the requirements of the national electrical code.

We craned the generator into place and because of the layout of the property, we had to bring in a rather large crane that’s 140 ton rated crane to make the pick because of the distance from the crane to where the Get Set pad was going to be. So craned it up and over a section of the building and a section of the parking deck. We couldn’t put the crane up on the parking deck because it wouldn’t support the weight of the crane. When were all finished we did the final testing and the authority having jurisdiction came in and we passed all of our final tests. We had picked up all the hallway lighting, the elevators, the domestic hot water heating system, fire alarm, card access system a lot of services that were not on the old generators. For more information call: Call Dan O’Brien Toll Free 1 (888) NO JUICE (665-8423)