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Commercial Power Failure Quick Response

Academy Electrical responds to Internal Power Failure

Watch how Academy Electrical Contractors handled a commercial internal power failure quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Generators Cummins Generator Installation.


500kw Cummins Diesel Generator Installation at Opici distribution center in New Jersey. In this video Dan walks you through a commercial generator installation showing you the process from generator delivery to the transfer switch. This is one of many New Jersey commercial generator installations by Academy Electrical Contractors.

LED Lighting Installation LEDs with motion controlled sensors


Installation of LED lighting with motion sensors has been proven to reduce energy costs in warehouses and large operational environments. Temporary power, service boxes, conduits and standby generator installation.

Commercial Generators Turnkey Installations


Emergency Power 750 kw Cummins Diesel Generator. Academy Electrical Contractors automatic backup power system turnkey installation of a 750 kw Onan Cummins Diesel Generator and an ASCO 300 Series 1200 amp Automatic Transfer Switch in New Jersey.