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Hotel Electrical Rebuild Step 3 Smart Utility Hookup


Hotel Electrical Service Rebuild Step 3

We’re now inside the old electrical room at this New Jersey hotel. You can see that Academy Electrical Contractors has installed a new 208 volt distribution panel board, a new 300 KVA dry transformer that’s 480v to 208v and a new 1000 amp 480 volt board. The reason that we weren’t able to rebuild the existing 4,000 amp electrical service in this room is that the cost would be millions of dollars so this was the more economical solution in order to get them back into power.

Coming out of the floor, were the existing conduits that fed the old service. In order to make the working clearances in this room the way that it was, we had to split these circuits up. So, these three conduits are bringing the 1000 amp 480 volt in for my 480 volt distribution board. This single four inch conduit is bringing a 400 amp circuit in at 480 volt to feed my step down transformer. And then these four conduits are coming in, bringing 1600 amps at 480 volt from outside, which go into this junction box. And then those conduits go through the floor and go up to the first floor electrical room in the guest room where we have new bus duct riser that we’ve installed. 

Now we’re up on the sixth floor in one of the guest rooms and looking down you can see the tops of the generators where the cables are going across the roof and coming up through the window and across the hallway to the sixth floor electrical room.

In the sixth floor electrical room the cables run and are tied into the bus duct. So here you see again, the camlock cables are coming across the floor and they come in.  This happens to be the old bus duct riser that was from downstairs. We had no place to temporarily feed that, so we were able to bolt in the camlock tails. We are  basically feeding this duct at the sixth floor where before it was fed from downstairs. So we’re feeding it in the middle and the power’s going up and down for all of the guest rooms. This is the old Federal Pacific aluminum bus duct, which is what failed downstairs in the electrical room. So because nobody could make us an adapter to adapt this and re feed this, we had to install a new bus duct and I’m going to show you that in a moment.

Okay. So because the Federal Pacific bus duct is no longer made and we could not get any gear house manufacturer to manufacture us a tap box where we could re-feed the old Federal Pacific aluminum bus duct, we had to install this new Eaton bus duct. So this starts on the first floor and travels all the way up to the 11th floor of the hotel.

So we had to core holes through the floor, install all of this bus duct, and then like you see here, this is a new 225 amp disconnect with the conduit that we’ve already run and the wires already been pulled, and now we’re going to get ready to swing floor by floor from the old bus duct power to the new bus duct power.

Okay, so in conclusion here for a middle of the project update, we’ve installed our new gear outside here, all the underground conduits, all that was done before it got this bitterly cold. We’re getting ready to energize all of this stuff and start getting the hotel off generator power and get them on to PSE&G. So just a real quick recap, generators were feeding the building. All this stuff is in place. Our new panel boards have been installed and wired and we’re going to start swinging circuits over. I’m hoping probably by the middle to the end of February, we should be starting to move circuits. And definitely by the end of March, we’ll be 100% complete and out of the project.