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Three times the Hotel Emergency Power for Half the Cost. 100% Emergency Power Backup

After a catastrophic power failure, Academy Electrical Contractors, the Cadillac Dealer of generators, powered this entire hotel with rental temporary power generators.  This hotel was so pleased with the quality of power and ease of operation of its restaurants, shops, guest rooms and offices the hotel operations management decided to upgrade their emergency back-up generator with a Cummins 1250kW diesel generator. Now they can rent their rooms and service their customers completely and revenues are up. 


Contact Academy Electric “the Cadillac of generator dealers” to review what it would cost you in NJ  to install or upgrade an emergency back-up power system and keep your hotel running business as usual during any type of power failure. Be ready to watch your revenues increase. 

Hotel Emergency Power Cummins Diesel Generator

Hotel Emergency Power Cummins Diesel Generator

Hotel Emergency Backup Power Solution

We are at the Hasbrouck Heights Hilton hotel in New Jersey. To my left  is the generator made by Cummins. The enclosure was  made by ASI in Virginia Beach and we just had it trucked to the site today.

So, to give you an idea, this is 11 and a half feet wide. It’s 37 feet long and weighs 69,000 pounds. It is a 1,250 kW Cummins diesel generator driven with a 16-cylinder diesel engine. So, there are eight cylinders on one side and eight cylinders on the other side driving this 1,250 kW generator.

The reason that the Hilton decided to invest in this generator and do a 100% backup of their facility was because Academy was here earlier with their service failure and powered the facility for four months with our 1000 kW generator covering the guest rooms and a 425 kW generator covering  the house power.

They were so happy with the quality of the power that they couldn’t even tell that they were on a generator. Their internal emergency generator had failed just previous to this, and that was a 200 kW generator. They had come to us and asked Academy Electric to price up a replacement for the 200 kW generator. They were looking at upgrading from a 200 to a 400 kW generator so that they could pick up all of the kitchen and all of the refrigeration and all of the restaurant, but it would not pick up the guest rooms.

So, the house power “downstairs” would be 100% powered, but the guest rooms would be in the dark. After seeing how well the Cummins generator performed powering the guest rooms, the ownership had come back to us and asked us what it would cost to go from the 400 kW generator to a generator big enough to power the entire facility.

Three times the Power for Half the Cost.

I said, “Well, you’re looking at a 400 kW generator versus a 1,250 kW generator.” So that’s a little bit more than three times the power that they would require to power the entire facility. However, the money was just under double the money, so for less than double the money, they’re getting three times the power. Now with this generator;  the guest rooms, downstairs power, the restaurants, the bar, the commercial kitchen downstairs, the laundry, everything, will be 100% backed up. Where before, if they did the 400 kW generator, they would still have to have the guests leave the hotel because they would have no heat and no air conditioning in the guest rooms. With this 1,250 kW Cummins diesel generator, the facility is 100% backed up with power for a little bit less than 50% more money than the cost to  just  “get by” in an emergency. That means they can rent these rooms during a power failure.

Think about what that means. They’re going to get their money back the first power failure that comes because they can rent their 300 plus rooms  versus telling all the guests they have to leave. So, in the long run, for all of those facilities that are out there,  look at what it would really cost you to be 100% backed up versus just “getting by” with an emergency generator.

The storms are becoming more frequent. The storms are becoming more violent. 10 years ago you rarely heard of  a tornado east of the Mississippi River.  We had one in New Jersey two weeks ago.

Think about where you are. Think about what you want to do. And if there’s anything that Generator Dan can help you with, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. I’m here to serve you, and we will take care of you and give you the most economical solution for your needs.

-Dan O’Brien

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