Government Generator Purchasing Alternative to the Bidding Process


Today I want to talk to Borough Administrators, Mayors and Council, fire departments, police departments, DPW’s, anybody that is a public entity that purchases through the bidding process. There’s a way that I can get you a quality Cummins generator on a no-bid, pre-priced system, called HGAC.

The HGAC is the Houston-Galveston Area Council. And what it’s done is worked with Cummins to pre-price generators for government purchase. Now you can come to us and save the money of hiring an engineer, advertising for bids, accepting the bids, analyzing the bids, taking the lowest bidder who may not be giving you the equipment that you want, because he substituted it for something else. So, you wind up spending good taxpayer money on something that you really didn’t want to buy. 

I have the solution. Dan O’Brien, Generator Dan, Academy Electric, and the use of the HGAC contract.

So, if you’re interested in buying a quality Cummins generator from us, through the HGAC program, without having to go through all of the bid process, give me a call. We can take care of it. I’ll hold your hand, walk you through this. It’s no cost to you, whatsoever, to become a member, but you can save a ton of money down the road by shortening up that whole bid process. Give Generator Dan a call at 877-772-7597.