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Residential Generators Cost of Investment


Everybody talks about a whole house generator. There is no real whole house generator. They’re done by KW. When we start looking at generators and we look at the cost of the generator, there’s more to the generator installation than the cost of the generator. There’s the cost of the generator, the gas pipe, the transfer switch, the wiring and everything else that goes into that. The pad, yada, yada, yada, everything. A lot of people have asked us, “Well, how much? I only have so much money. I don’t want to spend a lot of money.” Sometimes the cost to go to a larger generator and pick up the whole house is not that big of a step in dollars.

What am I trying to explain to you here? A generator that’s twice the size electrically, is not twice the size of cost. A 10 kilowatt generator versus a 20 kilowatt generator may be only a 10% increase in cost, but it’s 100% increase in the amount of power that you get out of that generator. Start thinking about what I really want and let’s work on that. Then if that budget is going to bust the bank, then maybe we can figure out another way around that.

The next thing is that when you do a generator and we can do a service entrance rated transfer switch, or a transfer switch that we pick up the entire house and get a generator big enough to drive that, maybe with a little bit of load in it, it may be less money than a smaller generator. And then a transfer switch at a sub panel and moving circuits and snaking wires, and all the other electrical work that it takes to give you less. Believe it or not, sometimes more is less, if that makes any sense to you.