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Home Standby Generators or Whole House Generators


I want to just focus in a little bit more on home standby generators, or whole house generators. A generator can be put in a home, most homes, as long as you have an adequate gas service so  there is enough gas to fuel the engine. As long as there is enough natural gas, we can put in a natural gas-fueled spark-ignited engine generator. They are usually smaller generators, for example, an 814 KW 17, 20 KW. Most of those generators that are on the market,  need a minimum of five inches of gas pressure to run.

If you have a low pressure or utilization pressure gas service in your home, we probably do not have enough gas to feed that engine. However, if you have that pressure regulator, which is that flying saucer-looking thing on the street side of your gas meter, then we have high pressure to your home so it’s no problem. We’ve got plenty of fuel.

That being said, most homes are done with the 17 to 20 KW generator. It’s a two-cylinder high-speed generator that turns at 3,600 RPM. It’s a very economical way to give you backup power. However, because the engine is at high speed and the crank case doesn’t hold a lot of oil, you may need to take a look at that and check the oil during a prolonged power failure. And I mean by, if it’s more than a day. You should be checking oil daily.

If  you want to make an upgrade in your generator, then when we get above that 17, 20 KW size, we get into a water-cooled engine, which runs at 1,800 RPM, which has a much longer lifespan and a much larger crank case, so it holds a lot more oil.

Now you’ve got a little bit of information on how a home standby generator gets done. Academy Electrical Contractors has been putting in home standby generators for over 30 years. We have sold and installed of them in New York and New Jersey.

The two manufacturers that we recommend are either Kohler or Cummins, depending upon the application for your site and your home. However, we are not locked into those two manufacturers where I’m going to sell you a manufacturer, no matter what your needs are. We’re going to sell you what you need, not what I sell.